Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Veritat Advisors Becoming NestWise

Since I'm in the middle of publishing my 4-part review of Veritat, here's a link that discusses the transition between Veritat and NestWise from Advisorone.com.

It's this paragraph, from the second page, that worries me:
The second addition will be “professionaly designed managed portfolios,” which are fee-based. “Some will be based on strategists from outside the firm and some will be based on the work of NestWise investment managers,” Stearns said, adding “they will be specifically tailored cost-effective options in this marketplace.”
I'm a big fan of indexing and I was specifically looking for a Fee-Only financial advisor. As far as I can tell NestWise hasn't indicated how they'll be operating yet, but I know that if these things disappear I'll end up starting my search for a financial advisor again.

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