Saturday, September 8, 2012

Veritat Advisors Becomes NestWise on September 10

On Wednesday I, and presumably all Veritat subscribers, received an e-mail stating that the transition to NestWise would be complete this coming Monday, September 10.

The key points:

  • Your financial advisor won't change.
  • Current Veritat members are becoming "charter" members of NestWise, which means:
    • Access to Learning Center articles
    • Access to Online Classes and Additional Resources
  • They are espousing a philosophy of Full Life Financial Management

It will be interesting to see more on Monday.

1 comment:

  1. Just found your (excellent) 'starter' experiential reviews of Veritat -> Netwise via a Google search. Really enjoyed your take as I'm in a similar position: Looked long and hard to try and find a good 'fee only' VPlanner. Thought I'd found the person x 3 only to be disappointed (upsells to portfolio mgmt!)each time.

    I actually signed up for Veritat when they first started and was assigned to Tom Mooney: nice guy with the right credentials and all but I got caught up in a work project and did not follow through = my error/loss.

    It is surprising how difficult this task is as I'm sure there are MANY out there with similar needs and interests as you and me but I’m still looking. If you have any follow up regarding your continuing experience with NetWise, please let me/us know as I’d re-contract with them based on my initial limited experience and a current positive review (if you can give one).


    Wandal Winn, M.D.
    Anchorage, Alaska